Nisargsparsh Tent Stay

Unwind. Explore. Experience.


Do not miss the sunrise for any enthu-cutlets. the charming little path that leads to an amazing morning view.

And for those evening babies, you must see it, for the best sunset view ever come join us!

If sleeping is not in your plan, let the bonfire spark your chats instead. you! Make new friends and deepen your relationships with your current ones! Talk about your work or love life, tell some scary or exciting tales, play cards, or sing some songs—the night is all yours!

And since we are talking about food, feel free to indulge in the BBQ that we have set up especially for you.

If you still have the energy left after partying all night, then warm-up and get ready for the trek! Yes, you are reading it right!!

Breathe in the fresh air in nature and explore the beautiful nature Witness the tranquil skies and tinkling water as you climb up the mountain or walk down, the choice is yours!

Do not worry, it is Relax 'o' clock for you!

We combine the excitement of camping with cosy lodging in the middle of the wilderness which boasts surroundings with an amazing view of the mountains and the dam . In order to make this experience more comfortable for you, you choose whether to stay in a nuclear tent or in a group tents

Oh, yeah! You are welcome to doze off in the tents!

What our visitors say

Our average visitor rating is 4.8 / 5

Must visit place for your family. Excellent staff, clean tents and wonderful host. Calm and peaceful location to have quality time. Shoutout to Shaunak

Lakhan Bajaj

What our visitors say

Our average visitor rating is 4.8 / 5

Lovely place with an extraordinary view. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming and the food is so homely! The tents themselves are a great touch, giving an overall luxury camping vibe. Had a wonderful time with my family!

Chinmay Khurd

Things to seize upon!

We never have the right amount of time, space, equipment, competition, or players to play the sports or games we choose!

We provide the best selection of board games to suit your needs.

And when the competitive spirits are at their most, go play football, TT, cricket, volleyball, etc. to let all the energy out.