About Us


We as a family felt that the connection to nature is somehow missing and that luxury has replaced simplicity after visiting a few locations within and across the country.In order to enable people interact with nature as much as possible while also meeting their requirements in a comfortable and inexpensive way, we came up with the concept to open a resort. The resort is among the best locations for getting away from the congestion, commotion, and noise of city life.

The resort’s architecture melds with its surroundings, allowing you to unwind and revitalise. The resort offers a very peaceful atmosphere and the much-needed despite from the boring routine because city life is quite fast-paced and puts a lot of pressure on the individual. You can socialise and enjoy some quality time with your family here. All of these blissful times will be treasured forever by you. Your stay here will undoubtedly be revitalising, and the cherry on top Is, the Maharashtrian thali will tantalise your taste buds and entice you to return time and time again.

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