Planning a trip to Nisargsparsh ?

Introducing all new packages :

Day package – 1000/- per person
(breakfast, lunch and high tea )

Bed and Breakfast Package : 1250/- per person 
(stay and breakfast)

Stay package (With meals) : 2000/- per person 
(high tea, dinner, stay and next day breakfast)

Our Tents

Nuclear Swiss Tents

Immerse in luxury camping, Nuclear Swiss Tents redefine glamping with spacious interiors, plush furnishings, breathtaking views, and a harmonious blend of nature and comfort at the resort.

Group Swiss Tents

Ideal for group getaways, Group Swiss Tents offer spacious accommodations, cozy interiors, and a communal atmosphere, creating memorable moments and bonding experiences in the resort’s natural surroundings.

Food :-
Main Course –
Veg Thali – 1 dry vegetable, 1 gravy vegetable, 2 Chapati/Bhakari, Dal, Rice, Papad, Thecha

Egg Thali – 1 dry vegetable, Egg curry, 2 boiled eggs, 2 Chapati/Bhakari, Dal, Rice, Papad, Thecha

Chicken Thali – Chicken sukka, Chicken rassa, 2 Chapati/Bhakari, Dal, Rice, Papad, Thecha

Mutton Thali – Mutton sukka, Mutton rassa, 2 Chapati/Bhakari, Rice, Papad, Thecha